Who I am

Shiatsu Kanji

What Shiatsu is for me

Each recipient is extraordinarily unique in their being in the world. The meeting between two energies, one more active, caring, the other participating, sometimes in a more demanding way.

My treatments are in complete silence, because the hands hear more than words, they do not involve oils, creams or massages but pressure on the thumbs, palms, arms and elbows, as in the Japanese tradition.

Massimo Larini


Trattemento Shiatsu braccio in alto

Ho avuto la fortuna di formarmi presso la prestigiosa Accademia Shiatsu Do, filiale di Firenze, la più rigorosa e longeva in Italia, con due istruttori di grande accreditato valore come David Hirsch e Bernardo Corvi, ai quali va la mia costante gratitudine.

I say ‘to train’ and not complete a journey, as Shiatsu has a horizon effect: its evolutionary effectiveness leads to ever greater well-being, as well as sensitivity and techniques, which imply constant additional knowledge, continuous enrichment, treatment after treatment.

My experience

Over the years, I have worked in luxury wellness centers in the center of Florence, trained sportspeople and athletes for competitions and Parkinson’s patients.

I am also a Bioenergetic and Gestaltic Counselor: in addition to the recipient’s medical history, I like to have a short conversation before and after the treatment to feel the state of the Qi.

Trattamento Shiatsu alla schiena