Shiatsu Do Firenze: The Ultimate Destination for Learning and Healing

Shiatsu Do Firenze, formerly known as the Accademia Italiana Shiatsu Do, has been at the forefront of the Shiatsu world since 1985. Founded by experienced professionals in the field, its mission was simple yet ambitious: to make the ancient art of Shiatsu accessible to everyone through effective and straightforward teaching methods.

Over the years, Shiatsu Do Florence has earned its reputation as the leading Italian and European Shiatsu school. What sets it apart is its dedication to the traditional Japanese approach to Shiatsu, offering a progressive curriculum based on kata, or codified treatment forms. This methodology, designed for gradual and linear learning, allows students to master the techniques at their own pace.

The Academy’s programs, techniques, and teaching methods are tailored to cater to the Western culture and learning dynamics, continually evolving thanks to the expertise and experiences of dozens of instructors and thousands of practitioners who progress annually on the path of Shiatsu, also known as the “Shiatsu Do.”

One of the keys to the Academy’s success is its teaching method, honed over decades through more than 1,000 Amateur Courses and 500 Professional Courses. Focused on hands-on practice, the curriculum is designed to equip students with tangible skills and practical experiences, centered around the kata, which have been fine-tuned over years of collective practice.

The commitment to simplicity, essentiality, and practicality makes the teaching method effective and valuable. The Academy believes in learning by doing, offering a training that is direct, essential, and efficient, allowing students to gain real abilities during the formative process.

Shiatsu Do Firenze is more than just a school of Shiatsu; it is a hub for knowledge and community-building in the field of holistic wellness. Here, students not only learn the art of Shiatsu but also become part of a supportive network dedicated to exploring ancient healing practices.

Over the years, countless students have honed their skills and deepened their understanding of Shiatsu through the educational programs at Shiatsu Do Firenze. As a result, these students have gone on to contribute to the wellness industry in various ways, from setting up their own practices to conducting research and sharing their knowledge with others.

The transformative power of Shiatsu can be seen in the lives of these students, who have embraced holistic wellness as a lifestyle and philosophy. Their dedication to the practice is a testament to the impact that Shiatsu Do Firenze has had on their lives and careers.

By choosing Shiatsu Do Firenze, students join a community that values collaboration, self-improvement, and the exploration of new ideas. They are not just acquiring skills; they are becoming part of a movement dedicated to promoting holistic wellness and ancient healing practices.