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Discover well-being through the balancing power of Shiatsu! Take advantage of my specialized treatments to relax your mind and body. I am an expert Shiatsuka who will guide you on a journey of balance and harmony. Book your Shiatsu session now for a unique experience of serenity!

What is Shiatsu​

Each recipient is extraordinarily unique in their being in the world. The meeting between two energies, one more active, caring, the other participating, sometimes in a more demanding way. My treatments are in
complete silence, because the hands hear more than words, they do not involve oils, creams or massages but pressure on the thumbs, palms, arms and elbows, as in the Japanese tradition

Massimo Larini

Five Elements



Water: it is the movement of energy that goes downwards until it reaches the deepest point, then it arranges itself horizontally, fluctuating. It is linked to the dark side, the unconscious, sleep and death followed by rebirth.



Fire: it is the movement of energy that moves in all directions having reached the maximum of its expression and its brilliance. It is the lush tree that bears fruit.



Wood: it is the movement of energy that rises upwards. It represents childhood and growth. It is the tender blade of grass that sprouts in spring, piercing the still hard and frozen ground.



Metal: it is the maximum of Yang. According to the I Ching he is the father. It is the movement of energy going downwards and inward. It’s introspection and maturity.



Earth (understood as soil, not planet Earth): corresponds to the movement of energy that collects, welcomes, embraces, nourishes and supports. It is the time to harvest the fruits of the earth and nourishment. It represents the moment of transition and change and therefore the transformation and processing of the fruits of the harvest.

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