Fire: the great Yang, the maximum expansion, the zenith of growth and the vigor of movement. Heart Zhang, primary drive of life, which receives everything in influx and everything flows out in the organism to bring balance, without intention, without judgement, form the blood and spreads it to then carry his message through his ambassador, the Minister of the Heart who reaches the outskirts of the empire, the body.
Fire that heats and gives the primary nourishment, glucose, which will in turn be broken down into glycogen, for the Central Nervous System, the command cabin of the being, through the Small Intestine which completes digestion through the action of the enteric juicers produced by the secretion of glands present in it and begins the absorption of the nutrient principles contained in foods, breaks down what is nutritious and therefore to be retained from what is to be eliminated, as it is impure.
The processes of cognitive and physical maturation are at their completion, with the formation of the prefrontal cortex: the body is at the peak of its vigor. Early adulthood.

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