Water: the great Yin. The motionless flatness of a lake that reflects the moon, tranquility, calm but also streams, rain, oceans and even ice, crystallization. Without its own form other than that of the container, of the bed of a river, of the vapor that contains it. It is winter, which in nature is stasis, inactivity, where everything is apparently still.

Crystalline and diaphanous or a swamp or ice, it heats or can burn, refreshing or freezing, destructive or generative, a spring, a trickle, a huge watercourse like the Yang Tse, an ocean, a fog. Fu of Urinary Bladder and Zang of Kidney. Fear is the nuclear emotion linked to this element and the pair of Zang/Fu and its associated meridians: interestingly in physiology, the adrenal gland is the main target of adrenaline, the neuromodulator that activates the state of arousal fight/flight.

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